How to add a business phone line to your mobile phone

Digital telephony allows you to use your personal smartphone as a working tool to communicate with customers, contractors, suppliers, and partners. The Freeje Optimum app provides a virtual number for iOS and Android smartphones as an additional phone line. The service is based on VoIP digital data transfer technology and requires only a stable Internet connection to work.

6 questions to ask before adding a business line to the phone switch

Each business has its own characteristics – from scale to direction of activity. Therefore, before connecting a business line, you should evaluate your personal requirements for the functionality of the phone. The optimal set of functions to improve the efficiency of regulation and performance management of the entire company.

1. What VoIP services meet my budget?

First, you need to decide on the need for a list of services and their assignment to the budget. Digital telephony offers a wide range of services – from one-time phones for registration on online platforms to multichannel subscriber numbers. Large and medium-sized businesses often offer a comprehensive solution in the form of a cloud-based PBX for organising company communications.

2. What applications are convenient for my team?

We offer three main products – Freeje Optimum, Freeje Classic, and Telegram bot applications. The choice of option depends on the needs of your team. Freeje Optimum offers numbers from 50+ countries with call forwarding to phone, SIP account, or Telegram. The Freeje Classic app has more than 90 countries around the world. Additional options – call recording, call statistics, black and white list, IVR voice menu, and others.

Another application, the Telegram bot, is featured by its availability and call forwarding only to Telegram. At the same time, replenishment of the balance of mobile payment systems is available. No restrictions on the purchase of different types of phones – landline, mobile, fax, and others.

3. What business phone features do I need?

Modern digital technologies have a wide range of possibilities. Multichannel lines are necessary for organising effective customer service with a large flow of incoming calls. The service significantly reduces the waiting time for an operator’s response, which increases customer loyalty. The voice greeting that the subscriber hears after dialling the subscriber number informs about promotions and company news. The interactive menu helps to transfer the call directly to the right specialist. And statistics and call recording are extremely effective for assessing the quality of work of employees. In addition, digital telephony allows you to use free incoming calls Toll free, integration with CRM, and other useful features. The final choice depends solely on the specifics of your business.

4. Where are the people I will call frequently?

If you plan to sell goods or provide services, it is important to ensure comfortable communication. To do this, we offer fixed and mobile subscriber numbers from many countries around the world. Connecting such a service will allow potential customers to call at their usual rates. And you – to organise a virtual presence on the territory of another state, increase the level of trust of local residents and reduce communication costs.

5. Do I need a toll free or local number?

Before connecting a business line, it is worth evaluating the need for a local subscriber number in a particular country. It depends on the place of residence of the main part of your subscribers. You also need to consider the need for free incoming calls Toll free. According to statistics, this option increases the number of incoming calls up to 30-40%.

6. What level of customer support does my business require?

If there is a large flow of incoming calls, you cannot do without a multichannel line. And the need to consult different specialists justifies the connection of the voice menu with the transfer of the call to the desired department. 

Step by step guide: how to add a business line to your mobile phone using the second phone number app

Our specialists have developed a convenient application that will help you to connect a second line for business communication in the shortest possible time.

Step 1: Download the Freeje Optimum app for the second phone number

Install the app on your smartphone. After a launch, read the quick start guide. Top up your personal account balance.

Step 2: Check your mobile number

Check that your mobile phone is correct.

Step 3: Choose a local or toll-free work phone number

In the menu, find the “Numbers” item, click “+” and in the “Purchase” window that opens, select the desired type of phone. Select the appropriate subscriber number and activate the “Buy” button.

Step 4: Choose a Solo or Team Subscription Plan

Choose the appropriate option according to your and business needs. The application allows you to organise both individual communication and communication of the whole team.

Step 5: Add team members and additional business phone lines

Set the necessary settings according to the system requests. Be sure to include all members of your team on the list.

Step 6: Set business hours and set up greetings and voice mail

Set the necessary working hours, record the greeting that callers will hear. Set up your voicemail to receive messages that arrive outside of business hours.

7 Benefits of creating a business phone line with a second phone number app

There are several main advantages of creating a telephone business line using our application.

1. Be aware of when incoming calls are business or personal

The option to separate contacts into personal and business allows you to communicate and relax more effectively.

2. Don’t limit business calls to business hours

Additional functions of digital telephony make it possible to connect voicemail. And the high level of mobility of cloud subscribers allows you to receive important calls at any time.

3. Keep your personal number private

Confidentiality of personal data is one of the main advantages of VoIP. Thanks to this, no one will “annoy” you with unnecessary calls to your personal phone.

4. View your business conversations easily

Convenient call statistics allows you to analyse your contacts at any time, find the right subscriber, and more.

5. Create a more professional presence

The option to connect a phone from any country helps to create a professional presence in the local market and a productive remote office.

6. Call and text from almost any device

For calls and SMS, you can use a smartphone, a stationary device, and a SIP account on a computer, tablet, or laptop.

7. Add any subscriber to your business telephone system within minutes

The application is designed for quick and comfortable configuration of all options. Therefore, if necessary, you can add the desired subscriber in a matter of minutes.

Easily add a business line to your mobile phone 

Our digital products will help you get a separate business line on your own smartphone. And do it quickly, conveniently, and as efficiently as possible!