VoIP phones: how the second number works on your device

Comfortable telephony requires high reliability, quality signal, moderate cost, and efficiency. All these requirements are met by modern VoIP, which allows you to connect a second number on your smartphone. Due to a special application, the user can rent a subscriber number from almost any country in the world. At the same time, you need to understand how a cloud phone works and what benefits its owner gets.

What is a Voice over IP phone number?

Unlike wired and mobile communications, Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is telephone communication over the World Wide Web. The technology of transmitting voice and text messages over Internet protocols has made a real revolution. And it allowed to organise high-quality communication without reference to the physical location of the user. Thus, using one device, you can communicate in two different ways – using a physical SIM card and cloud telephony.

How VoIP works on mobile phones

To use virtual telephony, you need to install the appropriate application and create a SIP account. The technology operates on the principle of “subscriber – server – subscriber”. The equipment for receiving, processing, and transmitting the signal is located on the side of the digital service provider. Therefore, the owner of the virtual number needs only the receiving device. It can be a special IP phone, a stationary device, a computer, a laptop, or a tablet. And, of course, the usual mobile phone.

How to get a VoIP number?

Sign up for a Freeje account at https://lk.freeje.org/ with your name, password, and email. Complete the verification of your profile using the link from the letter that will be sent to your email. You can also use simplified authorization through an existing Google account, Apple ID, or Facebook.

Check out the digital products at https://www.freeje.com/ – Freeje Optimum, Freeje Classic, and Telegram bot. Install the app on your smartphone and read the quick start guide. Sign in to your account, top up your personal account balance by at least $10 via Apple Pay or Google Pay. Select “Numbers” from the menu, press “+”, and select the appropriate subscriber number in the window that opens. After activating the “Buy” button, the virtual phone will appear in the list of available ones.

VoIP vs traditional phone systems: a few key differences

The progressive method of telephony demonstrates not only improved technical capabilities, but also additional benefits for effective communication.

4 benefits of using mobile VoIP providers

We tried to combine all the advantages of virtual telephony into several main advantages.

1 No need to carry two phones

The user receives an additional phone number directly in his smartphone, which allows him to maintain comfort, mobility, and avoid the cost of purchasing a new communication device.

2 Keep your personal number private

A virtual subscriber number is convenient for registering on Internet sites, posting ads online, business communications, and more. Keeping your private number private helps you avoid spam and unnecessary anxiety.

3 Collaborate with your team

Digital telephony is the best way to establish working communication within the company. The low cost of renting a number, free calls to a SIP account, and high user mobility will help organise the most productive work.

4 Get the features your business needs

Digital technologies have greatly expanded the capabilities of conventional telephony. Now you can connect a multichannel line, free incoming calls, voice menu, and other useful options.

What do you need for VoIP to work on your mobile phone?

Many users are wondering if their mobile phone is suitable for connecting digital services.

Do I need special phones for VoIP?

No. To use VoIP, any functioning smartphone on the Android or iOS operating system is suitable.

How to protect yourself from fraud when using VoIP

Our experts use special encryption protocols to securely protect transmitted data. Therefore, the use of digital telephony is completely safe. At the same time, it is recommended to observe the general principles of “digital hygiene” in the network.

Types of VoIP Phones

A dedicated voice over network device may take the form of a desk phone with a handset, keys, and a display. Models are also available in the form of an IP radiotelephone with a handset and a base. And compact IP-Wi-Fi phones, reminiscent of push-button “mobile phones”.

VoIP phone features

Digital subscriber numbers are designed for reliable and uninterrupted telephone communication anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

1 Dedicated working line

The second number on your device is convenient to use as a dedicated work line for communication with employees, customers, and partners.

2 Contact management

An additional subscriber number allows you to conveniently sort contacts and organise effective personal and business communication. A separate business number helps to keep personal data private.

3 Call forwarding

Digital telephony makes it possible to transfer calls to any suitable technical device – a landline telephone, smartphone, computer equipment. This is the optimal solution for productive communication at home, in the office, and on vacation.

4 Call planning

The technology provides the possibility of scheduling conference calls. To do this, automatic email invitations and reminders for participants are created in advance. A handy feature will help you better prepare for a meeting, connect to a conversation on time, and increase productivity.

5 Call management

Our applications are designed for maximum ease of use and call management. To make a call, you need to go to the “Call” screen and enter the phone number of the subscriber of interest on the dialer. It is also possible to save numbers in the phone book and call the subscriber through the “Contacts” option.

In the presence of the Internet, incoming calls are forwarded to the Freeje application. Calls can also be received via GSM connection to the number of the SIM card confirmed in the application. Or to a Telegram account, if the SIM card number in Freeje is confirmed and there are the appropriate privacy settings in the messenger to allow calls from everyone.

6 Privacy

This is one of the main advantages of Internet telephony. Confidentiality of personal data helps to avoid fraudulent activities on the network. It gives you the opportunity to fully relax and engage in personal affairs in your free time, without being distracted by solving work problems.

Why do companies offer VoIP cell phone options

Cloud telephony helps to organise high-quality and inexpensive telephone communication within the company and with external subscribers. It is indispensable for the work of support services, international communication, video conferencing, and other purposes. The high reliability and security of digital technologies have taken communication to a new level.