✉ Buy Disposable SMS Number

In just a couple of minutes after selecting a number in any of the 20 countries available, you will receive a message with a confirmation code in your dashboard on the Freeje website. You do not need to buy a SIM card; you do not need to be within the borders of the desired country.

✉ Buy Disposable SMS Number

We guarantee:

Access to the message with the verification code only by login and password from the personal account. We keep it private for you and your assignees.

Deactivating a number after receiving an SMS — third parties will not be able to use the “recover by phone” functionality to access the account you have created.

Unlimited use of the service — you can order as many numbers as you need.

The price starts

from $0.50

for one number, depending on the selected country.


Please note, a disposable SMS number is not suitable if you need confirmation by phone for each login to your account. In this case, we recommend a virtual SMS number — the best solution for managing corporate accounts in social networks, instant messengers, etc.



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