How to protect your privacy with an app for the second phone number

With the development of computer technology, the problem of maintaining the confidentiality of personal and corporate data has arisen. At the same time, innovations not only made users more vulnerable to spammers and scammers but also offered new ways to protect information.

How an app for the second phone number improves your privacy

The Freeje Optimum app allows you to rent and use landline and mobile numbers in more than 50 countries around the world. The virtual subscriber number works based on digital VoIP and provides reliable and stable communication. The service helps protect personal phone data, improve communication security, and use other advantages of Internet technologies.

1 You can freely share your number

If you sign up on a site with account verification by SMS confirmation or indicate your phone number on your business card, digital telephony will help you do this as safely as possible. The virtual subscriber number is not tied to a physical SIM card. The user can order a suitable service, and, if necessary, refuse to continue the lease at any time. Or choose a phone of another country and city. This makes it possible to freely communicate your digital subscriber number to subscribers or services without fear for personal phone data.

2 Control of a single device

Digital telephony does not require a special technical device. By installing our application, the user receives a new subscriber number immediately on the smartphone. Thus, you do not have to carry an additional gadget with you, and all telephone communication is limited to a usual device.

3 Easy to promote

Many users find it difficult to separate work and personal contacts. Especially if they are actively promoting goods and services on the Internet. In this case, questions from potential customers are received almost at any time of the day. And they are often inadequate. Virtual telephony is the best solution for business and promotion of your product. It allows you to communicate with customers, organise an advertising campaign, marketing survey, SMS mailing, and much more. And all this is without the involvement of a personal phone.

How applications for the second phone number work

Our application is featured by simple and convenient operation with minimal consumption of smartphone resources. Freeje Optimum has a practical, intuitive interface. And it is designed for quick and comfortable installation, activation, and use.

How the Freeje Optimum app works

After registering and installing the application, the user is prompted to read the quick start guide. Then go through authorization and through the menu option “Top up” to deposit at least $10 into your account. For this, a reliable payment system Apple Pay or Google Pay is used, depending on the operating system of the smartphone. Then, in the “Numbers” item, select “+”, “Purchase a number”, and specify the required type of phone. Next, decide on the appropriate option from the available subscriber numbers and confirm the order using the “Buy” button. The entire process of buying and using digital services is carried out online.

Now you can freely use a virtual phone for communication, registration in social networks, and other purposes. A digital subscriber number does not differ at all from a “real” one, so subscribers may not even guess about your actual location.

8 situations when you need to use the application for the second phone number

The need for a second telephone number can arise in a variety of situations. We have highlighted some of the most common ones.

1. Online shopping

Modern Internet users quite often make purchases on the Internet. Moreover, they can do this both on popular resources and on personal pages on social networks. In any case, when placing an order, you have to indicate a phone number to contact the seller and receive the goods. Reliable and inexpensive cloud telephony services help to avoid disclosing a personal phone.

2. Promote your side hobby or small business

If you plan to make money from your hobby, promote a small business, or do part-time work online, virtual telephony is the best way to communicate with potential customers. It will help maintain confidentiality and clearly separate work and personal contacts. Due to digital telephony, you can avoid disclosing information about your additional job among employees and superiors.

3. Activism

If you actively communicate with different people, participate in advocacy communities, and generally try to make the planet a better place, the security of telephone communications is especially important. Virtual telephony will help you stay anonymous and protect yourself from possible harassment. At the same time, digital technologies guarantee high quality of communication and the possibility of telephone communication anywhere with Internet access.

4. Social media profiles

Despite the security of personal profiles, telephony cannot be called absolute. That is why the so-called “databases” periodically pop up from various online resources. To prevent the real phone from being publicly available, it is recommended to use a virtual subscriber number during registration. Thanks to digital telephony, you can easily get a new account in the selected social network and keep your personal number confidential. In addition, this is the optimal solution for creating multiple profiles on site.

5. Selling on craigslist or ebay

Many users are familiar with Craigslist, the top rated email site, where you can post a job, sell a car, find home goods, and more. They are also familiar with one of the largest online trading platforms ebay for selling goods and holding auctions. Experts note that due to the lack of moderation, some ads on such resources may be fake and posted solely to collect the information. Therefore, for buying and selling on craigslist or ebay, it is recommended to use virtual service. This will keep your personal phone anonymous and avoid possible fraud.

6. Sign up for (more) free offers

Have you reached the end of your free subscription period for the app or service you are interested in? Or do you want to increase your chances in an online draw on the site? Order a second phone number and use it freely for subscription, lottery, or other purposes.

7. SMS bots

Attracting potential customers and promoting business online is often accompanied by the creation of SMS bots. This effective marketing tool helps improve communication, save human resources, and ensure a virtual presence online 24/7. Text bots can greet users, respond to specific requests, and promote advertising content. And virtual telephony will help you create as many bots as you need for your productive work.