How to get a Canadian phone number from outside of Canada

If you do business in Canada or have relatives and friends in that country, getting a local phone number becomes relevant. Thanks to modern VoIP, every Internet user has the opportunity to connect a Canadian subscriber number. And you can do it literally in a matter of minutes, without leaving your own home.

What is a Canadian phone number?

Canada virtual phone is a digital telephony service. Such a number is no different from a regular landline or mobile phone. And like other Canadian numbers it looks like this – (+1) (area code) (local telephone number). Using a cloud subscriber number does not require a physical presence in the country or a SIM card from a local mobile provider.

Data is transmitted over the Internet, for which the analog signal is first converted to digital form, and then reformatted again for the receiving side. All technical equipment is located at the provider, and the owner of a digital subscriber number needs only a device to receive calls.

How much does a Canadian phone number cost?

The cost of a Canadian subscriber number depends on the type of the number. Our company offers services for voice calls, receiving SMS, receiving fax messages, and numbers with free incoming Toll Free. Disposable SMS phones are also available, convenient for registering with local online resources.

How to get a canadian phone number wherever you live

To get a virtual phone in Canada, you need to register on our website, top up your personal account and order the selected service. The connection of the subscriber number is carried out as soon as possible, information about which is sent to the specified email of its owner. You can also use the special Freeje Optimum, Freeje Classic, or Telegram bot applications for convenient use of a Canadian number on your smartphone. The choice of a specific digital product depends on the purpose of connecting the subscriber number.

4 reasons why you need a Canadian phone number

Canada is a democratic, highly developed country that attracts many immigrants and entrepreneurs from around the world. There are many reasons for using this country’s phone.

1. More answered calls

By purchasing a Canada number, you will be perceived by local residents, services, and companies as a local subscriber. This guarantees the maximum percentage of answered calls since such a phone is very trustworthy. It allows, for example, to organise a remote representative office of the company in the country. Or conduct marketing research before a full-fledged entry into the Canadian market.

2. Greater legitimacy

A Canadian subscription number will allow you to legally register on local forums, post ads on websites, and much more. It is convenient to “hang” such a number on your website selling goods or services to Canadians. It is also indispensable for finding a job or establishing business ties in the country.

3. No intercity fees

Wired and mobile telephony forces you to significantly overpay for communication with other countries. While digital telephony maintains stable rates regardless of the user’s location. That allows the subscriber number owner to forget about roaming and big bills for international calls. And freely and without restrictions to communicate with friends, relatives, clients, partners.

4. Better Relationship Building

Since people tend to trust “their own kind”, a Canadian subscriber number is the best solution for building friendships and business relations in the country. Seeing a familiar code +1 on the phone screen, a Canadian will be much more disposed towards the interlocutor compared to a call from another country. Moreover, even prosperous states managed to face the problem of telephone fraud.

How to choose the best Canada phone number provider?

The reliability and security of telephone communications depend on the digital service provider. Therefore, when choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the reputation of the company, the duration of work in the market, and customer reviews. We offer a full range of digital telephony services at an affordable price. And we guarantee instant call and message forwarding, signal security, and confidentiality of personal data.

How to evaluate a VoIP provider and what to pay attention to when choosing a Canadian phone number

After examining the reputation of the provider and the reviews of its customers, you should pay attention to the available Canadian subscriber numbers. To work with residents of all Canadian provinces and territories, it is recommended to rent a subscriber number in the capital of Ottawa or the largest city in the country – Toronto.

1 Business in Canada

If your potential customers live in a certain city, it is worth connecting the phone of this region. For example, Vancouver with the code 778, Ottawa – 613, Edmonton – 780, Montreal – 438 and 514, Toronto – 416 and 647. You can also buy a phone with free incoming calls Toll Free 0800.

2 Receiving calls to Canadian phone numbers using global call forwarding

Incoming calls are automatically transferred to the device selected by the user. It can be a special IP-phone or familiar gadgets – a smartphone, computer, laptop. In the latter case, to receive and make calls, you need to install a special application and create a SIP account.

How to get a Canadian phone number after choosing a provider?

To obtain a Canada subscriber number, you must sign up on the provider’s website by filling out a short form. Get acquainted with the terms of use of the service and the prices for digital services. Top up your personal account in any convenient way and order the rental of the selected subscriber number. Then configure the parameters of the number.

Setting up a virtual phone number

The main configuration setting is the call and message forwarding direction. The user must select the device to which incoming calls, faxes, and SMS will be transferred. Moreover, for the convenience of the owner of the subscriber number, you can set forwarding according to the days of the week or time of day.

Benefits of getting a Canadian phone number

Such a phone will make you “Canadian” to locals and various online resources. It will allow you to reduce the cost of international communications, and Canadian subscribers to pay for calls and SMS at their usual rates. The digital service will help you do business in Canada, communicate with local residents, join local public groups, and much more.

In addition, modern telephony is characterised by wide functionality. Connecting a large number of incoming lines is convenient for organising a call centre. Greetings will help inform about promotions and sales. And the voice menu – transfer the call to the right specialist, which saves time waiting for an answer and productively engages the staff.


Canada cloud number is a convenient and affordable digital telephony service for personal and business purposes. Connect and discover the world of modern Internet technologies.