FREEJE INSTRUCTION (IOS+Android) Optimum – New App


1. Registration

2. Topping up balance

3. Main menu

4. Outgoing calls

5. Incoming calls (call forwarding)

6. Virtual number connection

7. Basket

8. Sending and receiving SMS

9. My SIM cards

10. Upload documents

11. Technical support

Step-by-step instruction

1. Registration

Run the installed Freeje application. Read the quick start guide by navigating through the slides with the “Next” button.

On the login screen, you can register a Freeje account using your Google account, Apple ID, or Facebook account (coming soon).

In order to register using one of your accounts, tap on the corresponding icon and go through authorization. Then you will be successfully registered in the Freeje app.

If you want to use a different email address, tap the “Register” button and on the opened registration screen, enter your name, email and password.

A link will be sent to the specified email to verify your email address. After successful email verification, you will be successfully registered with Freeje. The authorization will take place in the application and you will be taken to the Main Menu.

The data for entering the account (login, password) will be sent to your email. You can use them when logging into the Freeje app on any other device or after reinstalling the app, or you can use your Google account or Apple ID to log in.

For further work with Freeje, it is recommended to top up your balance.

Please note: the application provides an echo test call. To use it, press the call button on the Call screen and provide access to the device microphone. A successful echo test will be considered if you are able to hear your own voice.

2. Topping up the balance

In order to top up your balance, on the “Menu” page, tap “Top up”. In the opened window, enter the desired top-up amount (the minimum top up amount is $10) and make a payment using the Apple Pay (iOS) or Google Pay (Android) payment system.

The “Top up balance” window could also be opened from other screens – in the upper right corner the current balance is displayed with the (+) button. After successful completion of the transaction and crediting funds to the balance, you will be able to use all available Freeje services.

3. Main Menu

The Menu screen contains the following items:

  • Purchase number: navigates to the section for choosing and buying virtual numbers.
  • My SIM: a list of all your added and verified SIM cards in the app.
  • Tech support: the ability to contact online chat, call, or text the support service.
  • Settings: setting up the country code of your residence for correct number insertion in the dialer; section for downloading documents, where you can download / delete scans of documents required to activate the numbers of certain countries.
  • Tutorial: call up the initial service summary.
  • Share: recommend Freeje to your friends.
  • Sign out: log out of the current Freeje account.
  • Version of the app.

4. Outgoing calls

To make a call, go to the Call screen where the dialer is located. Here you can dial the number of the subscriber you are interested in.

Calls are made by using an internet connection. Outgoing calls will be made without Caller ID.

Please note: you must enter the number in international format. By tapping on the flag icon, you can select the country code of interest from the proposed list of countries.

To make a call, press the call button after entering the number.

If the caller’s number is already stored in your phone book, you can select it from the Contacts screen. The subscriber’s number will be inserted into the dialer and the call will be made.

5. Incoming calls (Call forwarding)

After connecting additional virtual numbers, all incoming calls will be forwarded:

  • to the Freeje application (if there is an Internet connection)
  • to the number of the SIM card confirmed in the application (via GSM network)
  • to your Telegram account, provided that the SIM card number is confirmed in Freeje (to receive calls to Telegram, in the privacy settings, calls from all must be allowed)

Please note: the “Follow me” service is activated by default in the application. This service makes it possible to receive calls in the application to all connected virtual numbers when you are connected to the Internet.

6. Virtual number connection

To connect an additional virtual number, go to the “Numbers” screen. Press the round-shaped “+” button. On the “Purchase number” screen that opens, using the filter, select the type of number you would like to connect.

The following types are available:

  • Landline number
  • Mobile number
  • Toll-Free (Number 800)

With such capabilities:

  • Voice number
  • SMS number
  • Voice+SMS number

Select the country and city of interest below. Search works both by country and by code.

You can set the “Without documents” filter as an option. And set the price range.

After all the specified parameters, tap the search button (magnifying glass icon).

Freeje will then show you a list of available numbers. Choose the number you like and tap the “Buy” button to purchase, or tap on the basket icon for a delayed purchase. If there is not enough money on your balance to buy a number, you will be prompted to top up your balance.

The number activation process could take up to 24 hours after the purchase.

Please note: the legislation of a number of countries requires the provision of documents confirming the user’s identity to purchase a number. Read more.

After purchasing and activating a virtual number, it will appear on the “Numbers” screen with detailed information.

7. Basket

At the stage of choosing and buying a number, it can also be placed in the Basket for delayed purchase. To get into the Basket , on the “Numbers” screen, press the round “+” add number button. Then you will be taken to the “Purchase a number” screen. Next, in the upper right corner, tap on the button with the cart image. Before you screen “Basket”, where numbers are displayed waiting for payment.

8. Sending and receiving SMS

On the “SMS” screen, you can find all incoming messages sent to the connected virtual number, which can receive SMS. By tapping on each contact, a chat with him will open – SMS history.

9. My SIM cards

The “My SIM” screen contains a list of all added and confirmed numbers of your SIM cards. To add a new number, select “My SIM” in the main Menu. On the screen that opens, press the round-shaped “+” button, enter your number in the international format and verify it using the code from the SMS.

Please note: when making calls between Freeje subscribers to numbers added to the application, the calls will be received in the application and will not be charged.

When making calls between Freeje subscribers, the last added SIM card number is displayed on the call screen.

If the previously added SIM card is no longer used by you, you can remove it. To do this, open the menu at the number card and tap on the “Remove” button.

10. Uploading documents

In the application settings, you can upload scanned copies of your documents, which are necessary to connect the numbers of some countries. To do this, open “Settings” → “My documents” from the main menu. Then Tap the add button “+”. In the “Upload documents” window that opens, select the type of the uploaded document, assign a name, enter correct and reliable data where required, and attach an image. You can select an image from the gallery or take a picture. After that, a green checkmark will appear near the selected document type, indicating a successful upload. By tapping on the arrow in the document type line, you can select the next document type. As all documents are loaded, you can close the window with the “Close” button.

Please note: when re-loading one type of document, no replacement occurs, but a new version of the document is added. It is also possible to delete irrelevant documents. To do this, open the document card menu and tap the “Delete” button. In the same card menu, you can view the data and a picture of the document.

11. Technical support

If you have any questions, you can contact our technical support service using one of the methods available in the application.

Open the “Menu” screen and select “Tech Support”. Then choose the most convenient way of contacting us: chat, email or call.

Good luck with your communication!