Both customs clearance and actual delivery depend on timely notification of all participants in the process. Informing and updating each stakeholder about the stages of shipment, relocation, and identification of problem areas with the least delay is critical to a successful shipment.

When searching for working organization models, the company’s management usually faces the following problems

Changes in the daily plan of movements and quick adjustments of routes.

Barriers to the communication with drivers and freight forwarders during abroad trips.

Customer support challenges.

Expanding service coverage to new regions.

Some companies solve the first three problems through the purchase and configuration of expensive equipment and software. Consequently, they open a local office while entering a new market. Today, however, these business processes can be organized at no extra cost.

Freeje offers a list of solutions to the described problems above. Let’s consider the following example of a client with a logistics business.

The company provides internal communication between dispatchers, drivers and freight forwarders through a single multichannel 800 number with a voice menu and redirection to the right employee. This approach allows them to quickly convey information to the right person in another department.

To provide communication during abroad trips, a callback from a virtual number is used. With this approach, the company saves on international calls from inexpensive tariffs.

An 800 hotline number is used to solve customer issues. In addition, the company has implemented an additional method of processing incoming requests via an SMS number. The client can send his request as an SMS message, which is pulled into the CRM-system upon delivery. After that, the operator contacts the client after having all the necessary information about the situation.

The need to enter new markets was a key reason to use Freeje services. At that time, the company was experiencing a crisis due to underutilized logistical and call-center capacities. With the purchased virtual SIM-cards, the company got telephone numbers within other countries without opening local offices. Attracted customers from new regions helped in getting carriage loads for returning empty vehicles.

Within the established workflow, the management noted increased effectiveness in resolving conflict situations with the help of call recordings and an archive of incoming SMS.

Freeje experts will help set up the system and provide the necessary training. The success of integration is insured by a series of Q&A sessions with the company’s owners.



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