How to save up to $550 with virtual SMS numbers

A virtual number for receiving SMS is a number that can be ran without any SIM card needed and can be used to forward received messages to email or a local SIM card.

It offers several advantages:

  • There is no need to be physically present in the selected country.
  • Configuration enabling forwarding of messages to both another number and an email helps avoid loss of messages.
  • The main number will not fall into the hands of third parties, sparing you from a mass of spam messages.
  • The ability to process a large number of incoming SMS

These benefits are helpful in solving typical business problems in different areas: from a text review hotline on the level of service in restaurants to the registration and authorization of users in mobile apps.

At the same time, there are also non-trivial applications of SMS numbers in workflows.

Last year, we were approached a Kazakhstani marketing agency with an unusual request. According to the marketer who represented the company, they had an urgent need to quickly hire freelancers to increase the marginality of services for setting up advertising campaigns in social networks. The company had access to free Facebook coupons for advertising worth $50 each. These coupons were supposed to be used as budgets for testing future contractors.

The client’s problem rooted from the conditions for receiving coupons:

Fresh Facebook account, from which no advertising has been purchased before.

Account must be verified by phone number.

The phone number code must match a US code.

Free SMS receiving services did not fit the client’s requirements:

Username and account password should not be publicly available.

The marketer must control the entry of the potential contractor into the account via SMS notifications set up on Facebook.

They need constant access to the number in case of blocking a social network account for suspicious activity.

Freeje experts will help set up the system and provide the necessary training. The success of integration is insured by a series of Q&A sessions with the company’s owners.



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