The capabilities of Freeje Bot:

One-click registration;

No restrictions for buying different types of numbers (landline, mobile, SMS number, Toll-Free, fax);

Bind your SIM card to receive calls using Telegram;

Receive and view SMS from services (Facebook, Steam, Gmail, Tinder, etc.);

Support via Telegram chat-bot

Balance replenishment by various payment systems, including cryptocurrency.

Freeje advantages

Today, the Telegram application can be used not only by common users but also by companies and corporate offices, which use virtual numbers and set up call forwarding for them on Telegram. We can connect virtual numbers, which will receive calls in more than 100 countries without buying a SIM card. 

By contacting us, you will be able to use the following variety of opportunities:

  • IVR;
  • forwarding of incoming calls to mobile numbers;
  • call recording and storage;
  • connecting golden and vanity 800 numbers.

Our company will help each client to maintain communication with partners and customers on foreign trips, open a new representative office of the company without the cost of connecting new telephone equipment, as well as save money in international calls with family and friends.  

Connecting virtual numbers from Freeje, you can receive incoming calls on any gadget or forward them to other phones or Telegram. After registration on the Freeje website, each new customer will receive:

  • calls at favorable rates;
  • affordable prices for mobile communications;
  • ability to connect IVR;
  • multi-call capacity;
  • complete conversation’s privacy.

Each client can set up call forwarding on Telegram from the Personal profile, for this purpose you need to specify the number or User ID in the settings.

For the convenience of Freeje customers, we developed Freeje mobile application, available for Android and IOS

Freeje uses several call options that will allow you to use Telegram even if your Internet connection is weak or even absent.

What are Telegram-bots?

Telegram – is a popular messenger that can replace traditional communication like Hangouts, Viber, WhatsApp, and Gmail. In the application, you can send text and files of any format. The application itself is tied to the mobile number to which comes the verification code. It is convenient that you can communicate in it as with certain users, and in chat rooms up to 200 people. Telegram supports VoIP technology, so you can receive calls online when you connect your PC or phone to the Internet through a cable, modem, or adapter.

This application has many advantages such as:

  • Privacy and security, which provide SMS protection from interception;
  • Data is stored in remote servers;
  • Message sending speed;
  • Possibility to create your own or modified version of the program;
  • Free registration
  • Cross-platform Solution
  • No limitations on the amount of data sent per day;
  • 24/7 Technical Support. 

Since 2015, Telegram has opened a platform for creating chatbots. To the present day, many companies and stores use bots to attract new users to their sites. A bot is a program that performs certain tasks according to a given algorithm, usually routine operations. Bots do the same job quickly and with high quality, which saves time and effort of a living person. Bots are used in a wide range of fields: computer games, online auctions, advertising, stock trading, etc. The bots are used for a variety of purposes. You can even make purchases without leaving your home.

Chatbots can be configured to provide proper responses to user requests, they can also translate or comment on something, train, calculate, test, entertain. Each bot is a reliable helper that can easily perform tasks. 

Features of Freeje chatbot

Our company has its own Telegram bot for shopping and using virtual numbers for calls, SMS, and faxes.

Reasons to become Freeje Partners

If your organization is engaged in telecommunication services, sales of goods or services have contacts in the B2B, then you can become our partner. By working with Freeje, you will be part of the growing mobile VoIP market and will be able to generate additional revenue from your customer base. No risks or investments are foreseen. 

How to become our partners?

  1. Share the Freeje application using an affiliate link on any website.
  2. Connect users in your Personal Account (through the “Reseller Interface” tab).
  3. Use your account, track your statistics, and create a more effective advertising campaign.  

For any questions about the affiliate program, please contact us at [email protected]. You are guaranteed to be contacted by our manager.



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