Freeje Classic & Freeje Optimum: What’s the Difference?

OptionFreeje Classic
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Freeje Optimum
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Freeje Telegram bot
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Average number price 2 - 10 USD✔️✔️
Average number price 5 - 20 USD✔️
DID for incoming calls✔️✔️✔️
Forwarding of incoming calls: SIP/telegram/phone number✔️✔️Telegram only
Forwarding of incoming calls setting✔️
Ability to make outgoing calls without buying a number✔️
Outgoing calls without caller ID (per second charging)✔️✔️
Outgoing calls with caller ID (per minute charging)✔️
Connection of additional channels for incoming and outgoing calls✔️✔️
Number for incoming SMS (without the possibility of registration in services)✔️✔️✔️
Non-VoIP number for incoming sms (with the ability to register in services)✔️✔️
One-use SMS (disposable SMS) for registration✔️✔️
Outgoing SMS (sender ID not guaranteed)
Mobile numbers with the ability to receive calls and SMS (without the possibility of registration in services)✔️✔️✔️
Non-VoIP mobile numbers with the ability to receive calls and SMS (with the possibility of registration in services)✔️✔️
Toll free numbers for incoming calls✔️✔️✔️
iOS/Android mobile app✔️
Web version✔️✔️
Fax numbers for accepting fax messages✔️
Recording conversations✔️
Black and white lists✔️
Call Statistics✔️✔️
(available in web version)
Free SIP data that can be used in any softphone✔️✔️
(available in web version)

Explanation of the table

1. DID – a virtual number of the selected country to receive incoming calls. Outgoing calls are a separate service, which does not depend on renting a virtual number, is not technically connected to it, and is provided separately.

2. Call Forwarding of incoming calls is the process of “landing” a call from a virtual number to a device: an application, a softphone, a Telegram account, or a phone number. Such call forwarding may be chargeable or free depending on the type of purchased number and the choice of forwarding direction.

Freeje Optimum application provides a service of simultaneous automatic forwarding to the application, your Telegram account (if messenger settings are correct), and to SIP. You will receive incoming calls to the confirmed (in the application) phone number If there’s no internet connection for some reason.

In the Freeje Classic version, it is possible to control call forwarding by the client script. The incoming calls are forwarded to SIP in any softphone, Telegram, or phone number. You can configure both simultaneous and sequential call forwarding.

3. Outgoing calls – an ability to call numbers in different countries from the application or a SIP via the softphone.

In the application Freeje Optimum, you can make outgoing calls without purchasing a virtual number. Firstly, you need to top up your balance in the application. Outgoing calls will be charged by second. The caller ID service for Freeje Optimum users is unavailable. 

Outgoing calls for Freeje Classic users are possible from the SIP account and connected separately as an additional service via a request to [email protected].

Please note:

  • Outgoing calls are chargeable. The virtual number rental fee does not include the cost of such calls. Charging is per second (without identification of rented number) or per minute (with the caller identification of rented number).
  • Outgoing calls – an additional service, which is not tied technically to the rented number, is not activated by default and can be activated upon request to [email protected].
  • Service of Caller ID (definition of the rented number) for Freeje Classic users is possible but not guaranteed.

4. Caller ID is the service of the definition of the rented number while making outgoing calls.

Caller ID connecting is possible only in Freeje Classic as an additional service and is available via the request to [email protected].

Please note:

  • Caller ID service can work correctly only when you call numbers of the same country with your virtual number. Therefore, the rented numbers must belong to the same country you’re making calls to, or your Caller ID might not be displayed. 
  • The rented number is defined correctly if the country customer calls to has no internal restrictions on calls with Caller ID. In some countries, outgoing calls with Caller ID – are prohibited by law and service cannot be provided due to restrictions of local provideers.
  • Outgoing calls with activated Caller ID – are charged per minute. The price per minute may be different from the price stated on the website for outgoing calls without a number definition.
  • If the Caller ID service is not active, it is impossible to predict how exactly the rented number displays to the call receivers.

5. A SIP account is an account in the program with which you can make and receive calls over the Internet. Its working principle is similar to Skype or Viber. 

You can download any such program (also called softphones) and sign in with our data, which we provide for free after purchasing a number. Regardless of which Freeje service you use. 

6. SMS Number is a virtual number rental service for receiving incoming SMS from real subscribers of the same country to which the purchased number belongs. You cannot have any verification messages from web services on such numbers. Receiving registration or verification SMS from web services is blocked not on the Freeje side. That happens due to the web services policy, which forbids users to register with VoIP numbers. 

Outgoing SMS is a separate service, which does not depend on the purchased number and is available only to Freeje Classic users. Outgoing SMS delivery is not guaranteed due to the filtering of messages by recipient operators. Service of outgoing messages is chargeable. The monthly fee for such numbers does not include such SMS. Their price depends on the number of symbols in the SMS and the specific number of the recipient.

Sender ID (definition of rented SMS number as a sender number) is not guaranteed.

7. SMS numbers with the ‘for registration’ label is a service of monthly rental of non-VoIP numbers. Such services work to receive incoming SMS as an ordinary SIM card of same country and serve for registration on websites, messengers, and other web services. You can purchase this number regardless of which service from Freeje you use.

8. One-USE SMS (disposable SMS service) is a one-time service for receiving a registration code from a particular web service. After receiving such a code, the used number is permanently archived. You will not be able to use it again ever.

Available for users of Freeje Classic and in the web version of Freeje Optimum personal account.

9. The toll-free number is a service for renting a virtual multi-channel 800 (hotline) number for receiving incoming calls. You can purchase the 800 number in the application and the personal account of the web version of Freeje Classic. 

Outgoing calls with the toll-free number as a caller ID are prohibited. 

10. Fax Number is a virtual number rental service for receiving incoming faxes. Fax number purchase service is available to Freeje Classic users and works only for receiving incoming fax messages.

11. IVR is an interactive voice menu. A system of pre-recorded voice messages, which helps the customer to navigate to the answering machine menu. You can manage the menu using tone dialing on the phone keypad.

Freeje Classic provides the ability to record and use professional IVR after the activation of a virtual number. This service is not available for Freeje Optimum users.

12. Call statistics are available to all users of Freeje service.

You can view the call statistics at Freeje Optimum in the web version of your account in the “Transaction history” tab.

For Freeje Classic users, the statistics are available in the personal account. Use the “My numbers” tab by clicking on the icon of the “statistics” in front of the selected number.